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INDIA’S FIRST ONLINE COURSE Designed in Hindi for Beginners & Experts for easily Creating, Editing, Launching, Growing, and Monetizing your Videos around your passion, talent, hobby, and expertise.

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  • You will Learn to Build and start a Successful YouTube Channel from Zero
  • You will become relaxed, confident and authoritative on camera
  • You will create professional videos in low or no budget
  • You will learn to add right titles, tags, description to increase reach
  • You will create amazing thumbnails for videos
  • You will understand and study in depth analytics of youtube
  • You will build a remarkable Digital Brand using power of videos
  • You will be turning your videos into money making model
  • You will Learn to build Active and Passive income through youtube
  • You will get beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tips
  • Insights from 3 Channels with combined subscriber base of 14 Million Subscribers
  • Case studies from 8 years of experience with solid roadmap and blueprints

Hear From

Him eesh's Students

If you miss this course, you will be 5 years behind.

- Aashiq Mondal (West Bengal)

I have got much more returns from my videos in comparison to the price I spent on enrolling in this training

- Pinkesh Thakrani (Maharashtra)

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Secret 1:
In-depth Experience

Him eesh has been a part of digital influencing industry from 8 years and has worked with all types of people. You will get benefited from Him eesh's special methods and tools that will save your huge time.

This training is based on real experience of building a channel from 0 to 5 Million Subscribers. Learn from real knowledge which has come after multiple hit and trials, endless hours and from a network of top influencers

Secret 2:

Him eesh's approach is not about just being a video creator but a digital entrepreneur who can create multiple money making models by using strong power of videos.

There is a dedicated team of subject matter experts, video editors, content creators behind this powerful training program. It took us 8 months to package our 8 years of experience into 8 beautifully crafted steps.

Secret 3:
Learn from Home

You need not to step out, book hotels or take flights. You can access and execute this training while sitting at your home.

You are free to complete this training as per your time schedule and convenience. You can watch same training multiple times.

Empowered more than 100 million people through

videos, training programs & books

Youtube Influencer, Motivational Speaker and Coach


More than 15 Million monthly views with 5 million


Regularly invited by Organisations like Paytm, SBI, Bharat Petroleum

Accenture, ICICI, Hero, Sony, IITs, Rotary etc.

Passionately changing lives in 200+ countries through his videos on leadership, communication,

sales & digital business skills

Author of a bestselling self-help book

‘Be Awesome Live Awesome'

Watch Journey Of Him eesh

From Zero to 5 Million

Online Course

you can watch from mobile, laptop or desktop

watch anytime

You can watch anytime as per your comfort

57 Videos

57 Video Lessons + Checklists + Tools + Helping Sheets

Many Times

You can watch videos as many times as you want

14+ Hours

14+ Hours of Training


You can watch it offline as it is beautifully available on our exclusive mobile app (Android & iOS)


Hinglish (Comfortable mix of Hindi and English)


You will get a Certificate on Completion of course


Him-eesh has shared complete step by step structure to help you grow fast.

Training is supported by examples, case studies, cheat sheets, documents, tools and resources.

Regular updates are made to training to provide you with latest knowledge.

Module 1: Finding Specialisation

  • Session 1: Finding a clear Purpose
  • Helping Material: Purpose Sheet
  • Session 2: What is importance of 'Niche' in Video Industry?
  • Session 3: Finding Specialisation through Interest
  • Helping Material: Interest Sheet
  • Helping Material: Niche Sheet
  • Session 4: Understanding Demand in finding Specialisation
  • Helping Material: Tools Sheet
  • Session 5: Finding Profitable Specialisation
  • Bonus Video: SWOT Analysis

Module 2: Understanding Audience

  • Session 6: Creating proper 'Audience Avatar'
  • Helping Material: Audience Understanding Tool
  • Session 7: This is Right Timing and Consistency
  • Session 8: Deciding right platforms
  • Session 9: Right way to Name your Channel

Module 3: Content Development

  • Session 10: How Content is KING
  • Session 11: Know different type of Video Formats
  • Session 12: Viral Videos Explained
  • Session 13: How to Filter your Ideas
  • Session 14: How to find Right Ideas for your videos
  • Session 15: My experience based Idea Sheet
  • Session 16: Best Frameworks for creating Video Content
  • Session 17: This is Science behind Viral Videos
  • Session 18: Use this Checklist while making Content
  • Session 19: Copyrighted Material, Claims and Strikes
  • Helping Material: Links and Documents for Developing Content

Module 4: Production

  • Session 20: How to become Camera Confident?
  • Helping Material: Camera Confidence Cheat Sheet
  • ​Session 21: 3 Vs formula for Camera Confidence
  • ​Session 22: SIX-essful Test to become Camera Confident
  • FAQ: Being Natural and Assertive in-front of Camera
  • Session 23: Turn your Phone into Production House
  • Session 24: Lighting Technique
  • Session 25: Enhancing Sound experience in videos
  • Session 26: How to Edit your videos
  • Session 27: Exclusive tour of my Home based Studio
  • FAQ: Editing Questions
  • Helping Material: Links and Documents for Production

Module 5: Increasing Reach of your Videos

  • Session 28: Right strategy for Thumbnails and Titles
  • Session 29: How to design 'must-click Thumbnails'
  • Helping Material: List of Power words
  • Session 30: How to find right keywords and tags
  • Session 31: Use these tools for Optimization
  • Session 32: How to write Description
  • Session 33: Secret Tour of Analytics of my Channel

Module 6: Creating a Buzz

  • Session 34: Content Distribution Formula
  • Session 35: Owned Media - 1
  • Session 36: Owned Media - 2
  • Session 37: Paid Media and
    Earned Media

Module 7: Building Brand and Community

  • Session 38: Personal Branding Tips and Strategies
  • Session 39: Right way of doing Collaborations
  • Session 40: Insights on Building a Powerful Community
  • Helpful Material: Checklist on Community Building

Additional Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Webinar on Finding Specialisation (Duration : 02:26 Hours)
  • Bonus 2: Webinar on Content (Duration: 01.40 Hours)
  • Bonus 3: Free E-Book - Be Awesome, Live Awesome
  • Bonus 4: Helping Material - Audience Understanding Tool, Cheat Sheet, List of Power words etc.
  • Bonus 5: Exclusive Access - My Media Kit, My Business Profile

Module 8: Monetization

  • Session 41: Introduction to Money Making Models on Youtube
  • Session 42: How to earn through Affiliate Marketing?
  • Session 43: How Ad Revenue works?
  • ​Session 44: How to earn through publishing Books?
  • Session 45: How to earn through Merchandising?
  • Session 46: How to get paid in Influencer Marketing?
  • Helping Material: Email Templates to reach Brands
  • Exclusive Access: My Media Kit
  • Session 47: How to earn through White Labelling?
  • Session 48: How to earn through E-Commerce?
  • Session 49: How to earn through Dropshipping?
  • Session 50: How to earn by Freelancing?
  • Session 51: How to earn through Subscription model?
  • Session 52: Earning through Keynote & Public Appearances?
  • Exclusive Access: My Business Profile
  • Helpful Material: Sequencing Sheet
  • Session 53: Making Money through Products and Services
  • Session 54: How to earn by publishing Training and Courses?
  • Session 55: How Paid ads work?
  • Session 56: How Digital Funnels help you in Earning?
  • Session 57: ​Go Rule the World - Your journey Begins !!

Additional Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Webinar on Finding Specialisation (Duration : 02:26 Hours)
  • Bonus 2: Webinar on Content (Duration: 01.40 Hours)
  • Bonus 3: Free E-Book - Be Awesome, Live Awesome
  • Bonus 4: Helping Material - Audience Understanding Tool, Cheat Sheet, List of Power words etc.
  • Bonus 5: Exclusive Access - My Media Kit, My Business Profile
  • Online/offline course on mobile App
  • Cutting Edge Curriculum
  • Video Lectures
  • Quiz & Assignments
  • Trusted Content
  • Alert and Notifications
  • Learn Anytime Anywhere
  • Email Support

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Sanket Goyal

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Manveet Singh

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Brijesh Mishra

(Community Manager)

Our goal is to ensure that you get the best possible learning and experience.

After enrolment, you will get a dedicated support e-mail id. If you face any challenges, we are there to help you in completing the course smoothly.

After Payment, you will get an option to create a password. You need to simply sign in and your exciting journey will start.

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You will also receive a welcome email from us.

Step 2

Before first module, you will be introduced with course, app and support system by Him eesh in dedicated welcome videos.

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  • It varies from person to person, but generally our students complete this training within 3-4 weeks.

  • This course will help you in becoming a top video influencer, create impact and build incomes on digital platforms. This training will give you in-depth understanding of the booming video industry which has strong potential in upcoming times. For our students, this training has also boosted their confidence, enhanced their skills and made them more creative in life.

  • There is always a first time of everything in life. This can be a great start to easy, convenient and comfortable way of learning. While the whole world is adapting to e-learning, this can be a great chance to learn and grow.

  • As Him-eesh always suggests to build a personal brand, there are proper sessions on how to become camera confident. But for any reasons, if you are not ready to face camera, tips and methodologies taught in this course can be used to make videos without showing your face in videos too.

  • No, once you purchase this course, you get full access as per the category you chose, namely Classic, Delux and Premium.

  • Being a coach, he could have launched any training program instead of this specialised training. But his vision is to build a strong community of video influencers who are able to grow and earn through videos. He envisions a day when this community will be able to bring thought-revolutions in this country.

  • Alone, we are less.. Together we are more..! You will be able to interact with like-minded people who are on the same journey and share same interests. Community is a great place to exchange learnings, collaborate and support each other.

  • Videopreneur program at seekhegaindia.com owned by IMSuccess Pvt. Ltd. We offer a full money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the Videopreneur program, you can get your money back no questions asked. You are eligible for a full reimbursement within 7 calendar days of your purchase. After the 7 days period you will no longer be eligible and won't be able to receive a refund. We encourage our enrolled members to access the Videopreneur program in the 7 days after their purchase to ensure it fits your needs. If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us at vp@seekhegaindia.com.

Turn your wishes into Results

It does not matter if you have any experience or knowledge, only action is required to get results from this training.

This program will not only prepare you to become a powerful video influencer but also make you more confident, creative and dynamic in life.

In this digital era where videos are booming, it's time to turn your wishes into action, because the more you delay your learning, more far you are from turning your potential into performance.

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Note: We don't believe in get-rich-quick programs. We believe in hard work, adding values and serving others. And that's what our programs are designed to help you do.

We're here to help by giving you our greatest strategies to move you forward, faster.

Remember: You’re closer than you think.

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