Learn Everything

To build a successful startup

In 21 Days

Raise Money & Rule The Market with Our Research-Backed Programme


A complete Startup Guide

Raise Money & Rule The Market with Our Research-Backed Programme created by people who have done it multiple times

Filled with practical examples that will help you launch your dream start-up


Who is this for?

Professionals/Full time Job




Or, If you have ever thought of starting your business then ‘STARTUP SUCCESS’ is the right programme for you



Learn from real examples, challenging worksheets and action-oriented lectures

Expand and improve your network by joining a business-loving community

Understand the key ingredients to building a successful startup in just 21 days

Understand the key ingredients to building a successful startup in just 21 days


STARTUP SUCCESS is a 21-day journey that aims at bringing to you the A to Z of building an ever-growing business venture

In these 21 days, you’ll learn to-

  • Understand your market, customers and clients
  • Make a profitable business out of your ideas
  • Create a successful business plan
  • Build strong teams
  • Develop resilience and problem-solving skills
  • Communicate to create positive impressions
  • Pitch your ideas effectively to investors
  • Become a visionary leader



  • If you believe in your dreams
  • If you have a passion
  • If you wish to make a difference
  • If you are willing to work hard and then work harder
  • If you have an undeterred vision
  • If you are willing to put in countless sleepless nights
  • If you are prepared to learn lessons from failures
  • If you are ready to take a leap
  • If you want to create something of your own…

Then you are at the right place


90% of startups fail

With this programme, we want to make you a part of the 10%

Anyone can start a business

but not everyone can run it. This programme gives you the secret sauce of what it takes to build a successful startup

What's in the Programme?-

Day 1 - Myths about entrepreneurship

Day 2 - Understanding start-up jargon

Day 3 - Finding and assessing startup ideas

Day 4 - Finding a co-founder

Day 6 - Everything about market research

Day 6 - Coming up with an effective business plan

Day 7 - Understanding MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and how to build it

Day 8 - Finding customers

Day 9 - Understanding and building a sales funnel

Day 10 - Finding the right product-market fit

Day 11 - Structuring your startup

Day 12 - Building a team

Day 13 - Raising funds

Day 14 - Growing your startup

Day 15 - Becoming an effective leader

Day 16 - All you need to know about pivoting

Day 17 - Tackling competition

Day 18 - Startup Case Study 1

Day 19 - Startup Case Study 2

Day 20 - Startup Case Study 3

Day 21 - Final Words

All of this paired with key features like-

  • Easy access to online/offline courses on the mobile app
  • Cutting-edge curriculum
  • Video lectures
  • Supporting worksheets, assignments, action plans, case studies
  • Trusted content
  • Regular alerts and notifications
  • Anytime-anywhere access to course
  • Email support for a year

Reach your goals faster



Join young and aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself, expand your network, share ideas, solve problems together, and benefit from a community of like-minded people.


Building a successful startup isn’t only about making the right decisions...

It’s also about strategically avoiding the common mistakes new entrepreneurs make


Learn from two bright minds who have travelled around the world, studied at top universities, worked at various MNCs, and have helped various startups see success

Mr Piyush Bhartiya

  • Piyush has studied from the top institutes like IIT Roorkee, IIM Bangalore, KTH Sweden, and Tsinghua University in China
  • He was the top of the class at both IIT Roorkee and KTH and was in the top 10% of class during his MBA at IIM Bangalore
  • Post his MBA, he has worked with the world's number 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group
  • He has focused on building sales and marketing verticals for top MNCs and Indian business houses
  • He has also successfully launched three startups- Thomso, LifePad, AdmitKard

Mr Rachit Agrawal

  • An MBA by degree, an engineer by the mind, and an entrepreneur at heart; Rachit is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about providing simplified solutions to almost any complex problem
  • Rachit has studied from the top institutes like IIIT Allahabad, IIM Calcutta, and Francois Rabelais in France
  • He was amongst the top coders at IIIT Allahabad and was the President of the Student Council at IIM Calcutta
  • He has worked in top firms including the world's number 1 consulting firm, The Boston Consulting Group across multiple geographies of US, South-East Asia and Europe
  • He has successfully launched two startups- LifePad and AdmitKard
Let us help you build the startup of your dreams.

Unlock the complete module of


only at INR 1,999/-



  • There are many reasons why this course is different from others. Primary reasons being-

    Language: Taught primarily in Hinglish, this content caters to a large chunk of aspiring Indian entrepreneurs

    Execution Bias: We have paid more attention to the practical and action-oriented end of things. This course is not boring lectures. It's real examples, challenging worksheets, and calculated formats that we have designed from experience. This way, we plan to help enthusiasts structure their thought process easily and make better decisions throughout their startup journey

    Community: When you join this course, you also get to be a part of a larger business-oriented community. On this platform, you get to discuss ideas, problems, solutions, etc. from each other. This is a great place to expand your network and get in touch with like-minded people

    Optimal duration: Many entrepreneurs want to start acting quickly. Most courses available are either too short (which serve more as motivational lectures) or are too long/professional degrees. This course can be completed in 21 days, while you are maturing your ideas along with the course progression.

    Cost: The price point of this course is extremely affordable

  • This course is for every aspiring entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter what your previous qualifications are- You’ll learn everything from scratch (just don’t forget to bring lots of determination onboard).

    So it doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, wantrepreneur, job seeker, job switcher, housewife, or a student- If you dream of starting your own successful entrepreneurial journey, this programme is for you.

  • Our programme is designed to teach you the A to Z of running a startup. From finding a profitable idea to making perfect pitches for raising funds, we have you covered.

  • This course is crafted to help you grow personally, financially and in terms of career. You will learn to think like an entrepreneur- It will help you broaden your vision, develop a creative approach, attract more clients, gain more revenue ethically, and improve your communication skills.

  • The Startup Success module with all the secrets, frameworks, action plans, worksheets and expert lectures costs only INR 4,999/-

  • This is a 21-day programme that will force you to think big, live creatively and grow exponentially. But since it’s a self-paced programme, you can also finish it sooner or later.

  • This course guarantees to introduce you to the formula adopted by successful startups. Combine it with your hard work and determination- You’ll be able to build a successful startup.

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